Thursday, November 26, 2009

i will never forgive you.

you lie all of the time and i can always tell. you have a lot of my clothes because you stole them or because i let you borrow them and you just never wanted to return them because you wanted them for yourself. you're immature and embaress me. you always think i love your boyfriend when all i talk about is who i actually love. you are a bitch to every single one of my friends and i dont like it, at all. im sick of you and im sick of your shit. i swear this time you come running back, i will just laugh at you. nothing you can say or day will make me change my mind about this. you are and always will be a liar and a thief. later skater.

the days at the park.

back in the day when you were one of the people i could call my second family. what ever happened to us? FHHAATTBK.

you make me sick.

this photo is a joke. liar.

how come you weren't here?

i remember planning and planning this weekend for ages with you. to finally meet each other at beach hop. i finally arrived and i contacted you via text almost 1 million times, you still didn't reply until the next day. goes to show how much i meant too you. arsehole.

i fell in love at the sea side.

i don't believe in love at first site, but when i first saw you, i couldn't take my eyes off of you. you were my main attraction the whole 8 weeks all of us were together. i never spoke to you and i wish i did. but i remember running all over the ship taking photos of each other like paparazzi. every time you were on stage, you shone as bright as the others did. when it ended, i remember your gorgeous smile you aimed at me. the show before the last day, you waved and smiled. that was the last time i ever saw you. i was hoping that when i was departing, you would run up behind me like in those movies and kiss and hug me goodbye. but you didnt, i dont think ive cryed for so long, ever. thank you for making me believe in fairy tales and thank you for staying in touch. i miss you like crazy and just last week you told me you were moving to australia. i cryed and cryed, because i will never see you ever again. good luck. oh and thanks for taking this photo, just for me.

i hate you.

i hate the word "forever."

i hate pretending.