Sunday, November 8, 2009

why you of all people?

when we met, i was scared. afraid of accepting you, afraid of being hurt again, afraid of seeing her cry like she did last time. but i wanted to see her happy again, so i had too. your love grew on me, my love grew on you. i could of called you my best friend at one stage, i could tell you more than i could tell her, you were there twenty four seven, and thats all i needed to make me happy. every time you were around, you brought that spark. you lit up the room, put a smile on everybodys faces. whenever we were mad or upset, you always knew exactly how to change that in less than ten seconds. you were great, you were my hero, you were my heart. you taught me so much and i'll never forget you. but, i'll never forget today, the day i broke completely. i thought you loved me, us, them. i thought wrong. theres so much more i want to say, but i wont, because i'm not as low as you are.

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